Vanessa Lobo

Vanessa Lobo

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Username * alieneye
Country * Brazil
Nationality world




Art direction specially for commercial movies is my breadwinner.

My artwork is just the way I can express what my mind is able to produce. And it's not my first passion in life

I am an apprendice.

Usually the concept of what I create amazes me more than the visual result I get but I have enough patience to learn and to develop tech skills and things like that as long as I am growing with them, untill I am able to amazes me with the visual result (will I ? :) )

It's easier to find me researching about places and cultures of the world, planning a next trip , or practing meditation and yoga than drawing in my tablet, lately. Anyway, it's a skill that I want to develop , once that it had not came from any kind of class or formal trainning.